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Once again we have a prime example of why our schools are ever becoming a tool of the “progressive” movement in America. I live in Louisiana and today I read of how the school board is caving to pressure brought by the so called Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The school board’s “excuse” is that they would rather save the money that it would cost to fight for the rights of all Americans and spend it on education. With all due respect, that is not a legitimate argument. For years the amount of money spent per student in Louisiana has been going up but the quality and level of education has been going down. The money issue belies our motives. It is no longer a question as to whether we really want to educate our children or pad our pockets with money. It is plain to see, we love money more than our children.
May we contrast the forces at work here? “Americans United” (a misnomer) accuses the school board of forcing Christianity on the students. Yet, in their suit they seek to force atheism on students. (Atheism is recognized as a religion by the Supreme Court). As a Christian I know that the God that I worship does not compel me to force anyone to follow Him. Because I follow Him I am compelled to share “The Good News” with all that I meet, but never in a forceful way. My God, expressed through His Son, Jesus, desires that I would love Him the way that He loves me. He chose to love me, not because I deserved it, but because His very essence is love. Because I am created in His image, He gives me the choice as to whether I will love Him or not. If one is not given alternatives there is not choice. Atheists should be free to present their case. Christians should be free to present their case. But, rather than accepting what our Constitution says, and allowing both sides to present their case, they re-interpret the first amendment by not stating it plainly but by rewriting it in their own words, “establishment clause”. Though the word “establishment” is used in the bill, the emphasis is not on the establishment, it is on the Congress. “Congress shall make no law”. Because the Federal Government has taken over so much of our education system, they feel that they can tell the local school systems what they can and can not teach and do. Do you see them enforcing a law? “Congress shall make no law.” Because, through the education system, American citizens have been, what I call, “dumbed down”, we do not see the inconsistencies of the situation. By allowing the silencing of Christians in the public sector the atheist has stopped the Christian from exercising his religion and promoted the exercising of the atheists’ religion. Do you see how this goes against the Constitution? If we allow this to continue, then Congress has made a law that respects the “exercise of” and “establishment” of atheism over the “exercise of” Christianity. Therefore, if we back down from standing against such practices, we participate in destroying the Constitution on which this country was built. I will say it, though any knowledgeable thoughtful person would know, that our Constitution is founded on Biblical principles. Get rid of the Bible and you can soon be rid of the Constitution. That is their goal, is it not?